Volumetric Feeders

Plasticolor 2000 with AC motor

Volumetric Feeders

Our volumetric color and additive feed system delivers an auger feeder with accurate and
repeatable performance from a few ounces to 5000 lbs. per feeder. Our feeders feature fast cleanout,
and versatile control options. Optional neck pieces and hoppers makes it easy to combine our feeders into blending systems
for up to 16 materials to fit most applications. We have solutions for Injection molding, Extrusion and Blow molding.

The Plasticolor Color Feeders are built to last !

It uses cast aluminum and welded steel plate construction for strength and rigidity …
assuring a long life and absolute minimum maintenance cost.

The Plasticolor Color Feeders are accurate! 

A premium motor with tachometer* output is used with a closed-loop speed controller for
consistent, accurate feed rates regardless of load or plant voltage fluctuations. 

The Plasticolor Color Feeders are easy to operate! 

Simple, easy-to-use controls make sure that anyone can operate the feeders and get accurate,
repeatable results … even while the unit is on line. 

Plasticolor 2000 for smaller machines.


  •  For use on extruders and injection molding machines.
  •  Feed rates from a few ounces-per-hour to 143 pounds-per-hour.
  •  Handles free-flowing materials from powders to pellets.
  •  Reduces color or additive change time to a few minutes… without special tools.

Plasticolor 3000 for larger machines.


  • For use on extruders and injection molding machines.
  • Feed rates from a few ounces-per-hour to 1,760 pounds-per-hour.
  • Handles free-flowing materials from powders to pellets.
  • Reduces color or additive change time to a few minutes… without special tools.


Plasticolor 4000 for large machines.


  • For use on very large extruders and injection molding machines.
  • Feed rates from 88 lbs -per-hour to 5,000 pounds-per-hour.
  • Handles free-flowing materials from powders to pellets.
  • Reduces material change time to a few minutes… without special tools.

Plasticolor 2000

Plasticolor 2000 shown with AC motor and optional Quick Drain attachment

Plasticolor 3000

Plasticolor 3000 shown with AC motor Hopper Loader and optional Quick Drain attachment

PC 2000, 3000 4000.PDF

* Tachometer feed back is optional on AC Motors and Controls

Mix-Miser Color Feeder

Mix-Miser is an inexpensive feeder that provides a cost efficient way of introducing color concentrates
and other free flowing additives into the production process directly at the throat of the press.
Operation: The Mix-Miser is mounted onto a neckpiece installed directly under the production machine’s main material hopper.
The feeder uses a feed screw to meter the additive into the primary material stream as it is passing through the neckpiece.
The additive feed rate is set and controlled by a simple variable speed controller governing the speed of the motor that drives the feed screw.
A number of interchangeable feed screw sizes are available to provide feed rates that range from a couple of ounces-per-hour to 46 pounds-per-hour.
Features: A cost efficient feed system constructed of cast aluminum and welded steel plate for strength and rigidity…
assuring a long life and minimum maintenance cost.Optional neckpieces and hoppers are available to tailor the
Mix-Miser to your specific application

Mix Miser

Download Literature

Mix Miser.pdf


Mixing Station

The Plasticolor Mixing Station provides a way to take precise control of the materials being fed into your
production machine.Up to eight single units simultaneously feed the virgin, regrind and addives
into the Neckpiece mounted on the throat of the injection molding machine or extruder. 
Each material
cascades into the Neckpiece on an individually controlled percentage basis ..  guaranteeing
an accurate, precise mix of the material components.  Because the Neckpiece only contains a small amount
of the precisely mixed materials, changes in the mix are available to the machine almost immediately.
When configured as a Flood Feed unit, the individual units are simultaneously started when the level
of the material mix in the Neckpiece drops below the low level sensor in the Neckpiece and will continue to
run until the material reaches the high level sensor. Since all of the component materials are consumed
out of the Neckpiece, changes in the extruder speed or injection molding cycle times will have NO EFFECT
on the material proportions or the accuracy of the mix in the Neckpiece.
When configured as a Starve Feed unit,
the feeders can be slaved to the extruder’s tachometer to vary the feed rate in accordance with the extruder speed.

  • Extreme mix ratios of 1 : 2500 or more.
  • Fast color change over
  • AC motors and controls
  • Touch screen interface
  • No material separation
  • Optional Recipe storage.
  • Optional Remote control software
  • Ideal for all size extruders and injection molding machines
  • Feed rate capacities from several pounds-per-hour to tens of thousands of lbs/hr

Controls the mix of up to thirteen materials into the production machine …in the right percentages, in the right mix. Ideal for precise control of virgin, regrind, color, and additive materials.

Individual control of each material guarantees a precise mix, and fast, easy, on-line changes.

Flood feed configuration utilizes sensors in the Neckpiece to simultaneously start and stop all feeders to provide a small, premixed amount of material for the production machine.

13 Unit Mixing Station

13 Unit Mixing Station. This configuration is also used for automatic color change systems.

Download Literature:

13 Unit Mixing Station.pdf